Below are some of the public projects I have worked on.

This wiki is one of 185 (at last count) wikis used by the Theoretical Biology lab at McMaster University. I developed tools to manage all the wikis and their semi-shared databases, as well as working on the wikis themselves, in some cases.

The OUAC's Wilfrid Laurier online application service was the first major step in the OUAC's code modernization project. The ORPAS application took it a step further by generalizing the code base and making it eventually usable across the dozens of services the OUAC offers. By taking a significant role in the rewrite of both services from scratch, I helped lay the groundwork for future development and bring the application up to 2020 standards for accessibility and AODA compliance. I also worked on a suite of internal tools that is built on the same code, but this is not viewable by outside users.

My Legal Briefcase aims to make it easy for people without specialized legal knowledge to effectively represent themselves in small claims court (as either claimant or defendant). I worked on this project at its start, designing some of the UI and much of the backend.